Unconventional Wisdom

Well!  Since Nov. 8 we ( all, worldwide) are living on a different planet. Maybe it's too soon to speculate on an exact future. But we do wonder. Not one word was spoken in a two-year election extravganza about the arts, by either party.  Did we see the president-elect and his family (or, for that matter, the other aspirant) attend ANY arts-related event?  Or say a single word?  One has to say:  "this bodes ill..."

Of course music will endure...it always has.  And people want and need the arts. We can hope that the arts in the schools will survive;  we can also hope that foreign-born artists and musicians will still find life  in the good old USA sustainable.

Onward.   "Strive for tone"  and make beautiful phrases. And keep swinging...

And even more positive: our new catalog, a complete listing of  all titles, is now available.

It is quite likely that this is the final catalog from Trillenium, and is free to all, especially with an order!  Comments welcome .      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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