Unconventional Wisdom

  Since Nov. 8, 2018 we ( all, worldwide) have been living on a different planet. And now, in 2020 , all the problems are catching up to even the strongest. It's past time for 'green shoots' to emerge.  Now , in the U.S., the most important election is coming, and we can hope if not expect that the new regime will  support  arts and education. Even Biden must know a piccolo from a book!. 

Of course music will endure...it always has.  Just now the future of live performance looks shaky, but people want and need the arts. We can hope that the arts in the schools will survive;  we can also hope that  artists and musicians will still find life  sustainable in the good old USA,   Here at Trillenium, we are publishing The Art of the Fugue, Bach's last unfinished masterpiece. We're bringing to the world the masterful chamber music transcription by Samuel Baron.  It's not 'breve' but art is 'longa', yes?  Comments welcome .      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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